Cleethorpes Festival of Music and Words
(Registered Charity No: 1045733)
(Affiliated to the British and International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech of which Her Majesty the Queen is Patron)
Cleethorpes is a seaside report in North East Lincolnshire. Our Festival started in 1909 and we celebrated the Centenary in 2009. The Festival was not held during the Two World Wars, but restarted in 1946. At this time, Cleethorpes Festival was probably one of the best in the country and attracted a great deal of support from both competitors and audience alike. However, in 1965 the Festival, due to financial problems was discontinued until 1973 when the Mayoress plus a respected adjudicator, Alec Redshaw, got together and the present Festival was reborn.

Cleethorpes Festival of Music and Words gives a platform for performers in all categories; Poetry, Prose and Drama in the Words section and in the Music section we have classes for Piano, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Voice. I think we can be proud in that Lesley Garrett, the now famous soprano soloist, entered the 1973 Festival as a young girl from Doncaster. She entered the Open Soprano Solo and Opera Classes and won both of them.
The Festival attracts competitors from out of town, as well as locally and a few years we had some wonderful young violinists from Russia. Briefly, the Cleethorpes Festival became International.

It is hoped that in years to come there will always be volunteers to keep the Festival alive and serving future generations of performers. In 2012 Cleethorpes Festival received its second Certificate of Good Practice Gold Award from the British and International Federation of Festivals.
History of the Cleethorpes Festival